History of the Ruins Perilous

The original denizens of the Hammer Hills, though now long gone, left behind an incredible number of ruins. They built rock-carved surface dwellings atop massive underground complexes. When drought cut the underground dwellers off from the surface dwelling farmers who traded tender meat for well-forged tools, arcane deviltries and, some say, cannibalism spread among the society. Within a few short years, the entire culture was gone.

Their ancient homes still endure. The Ruins Perilous, originally home to the minions of the Rock Hag, Malikrin, is one of these fastnesses, a relic of a time forgotten. Though the surface ruins are in poor repair, the interior, subterranean ruins have well stood the test of time. These complexes remain a source of fascination to historians, sightseers, archeologists, adventurers, and assorted cultists.

When the original Questor’s Society was first founded, the Ruins Perilous was the very first dungeon explored by the intrepid Guild Fathers. After clearing the dungeon of a number of undesirable tenants and subduing Carcera, the dragon who had been happily crafting the Ruins into a fearsome test of skill. the Questors decided to claim the dungeon for their own, asking all future members of the guild to explore at least a part of the Ruins Perilous in order to prove themselves to the Society.